Angel Guidance – Parents 14 – 16 Nov. 2016

Angel Guidance – Parents



Our parents are the most important people in our lives. They are the ones who tend and care for us in our formative years. Helping to mold us into the responsible, caring adults that we hopefully become.

But let’s face it. At some stage or other most people will disagree with their parents. Some may even have a serious falling out. It’s human nature that we won’t always see eye to eye. It’s natural to get angry sometimes. 

These are the times when angry words are said that we don’t generally really mean, and often live to regret.

But despite all of this they are still your parents. The only ones you’ve got.

Take A Closer Look

The Angels ask you then today to step back, take a deep breath, and look at the whole situation from a slightly different perspective.  A bit more deeply.

They want you to remember that your parents always love you, even if it doesn’t always seem this way. On a certain level they always have loved you.

So let’s look more deeply at your parents. What do you see?

Those worry lines around their eyes from the nights they stayed up late waiting for you to come home. But there are also the laughter lines from the many happy times spent together.

There may be a sprinkling of grey hairs now.  Were those caused by their concerns for you and your siblings, or simply by the years that are catching up with them both.

Remember then the words of encouragement that they always gave you when things just weren’t going your way. And the sound words of advice that they still serve up to you now, when you give them a chance to have some input in your life. When you make them feel that they are still needed.

So they’ve finally booked a first proper holiday away together for years, and are so excited.

Now that you’re grown up and are able to support yourself, they don’t have to work so hard to make ends meet. They always put you and your siblings first.

They would never tell you of course, about all of the ways that they did without to make sure that you got the very best start in life. Because they wanted you to have all that, and so much more. You make their hearts sing.


Don’t allow a few heated moments of anger to rob you of this special relationship and bond. The things that are said in the heat of anger cannot be taken back so easily.

Better then to say sorry and forgive sooner, to allow healing to take place. After all life is too short, and we are only here for a brief cosmic second. Losing loved ones prematurely from our lives because of anger, is a very sad way to live.

When anger, disagreement, and discord strike, hold on to your positive memories instead. Count to ten and take a deep breath, before you respond with angry words.

Call in your Angels to help, and they will act as mediators, calming any situation as quickly as possible. Be the bigger person by forgiving and understanding.


Remember it was your parents who gave you life. Who clapped and cheered you on when you took your first step, learned to ride a bike,  and on your first day at school.

They were still cheering you on proudly as you graduated from college.

It was your proud parents who stood by your side through it all. The laughter, the tears, the doubts and fears, the excitement and success. Always cheering you on to bigger and better things.

Your parents have always been, and will always be your biggest cheerleaders!

They know the real you, and they have complete faith in you.

So show them a little faith and support in return, by way of gratitude. Parents are amazing people.

You are the wonderful person you are today, because of your parents.

I give thanks to the Angels for all of their loving wisdom and guidance again this week,

Love & Light to you,

Sue & the Angels. x

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