Angel Guidance Reading – Divine Guidance 10-12 April 2017

Angel Guidance Reading
Divine Guidance – Angel Guidance Reading


Angel Guidance Reading – Divine Guidance

This card was drawn from the Healing With The Angels Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. You are a powerful and creative child of God. You have it within you to be whatever you choose to be. You can have your heart’s desire. It’s up to you.

The stars and the Universe are all aligned in your favor, and your dreams are within your grasp. You just have to believe it. When you look deep inside yourself, you’ll know that this is true.

Positive Thoughts

The Universe is a friendly and benevolent place, and it always wants to grant us our dreams. We communicate with the Universe using our thoughts. So what are your thoughts like right now? Are they positive, so that the Universe understands that it should give you positive experiences because that’s what you love?

Or are they negative? Something like, “I hate this dead end job!” or “I could never afford that/do that!”

You see the Universe uses your thoughts like a barometer to figure out what it is that you really want to experience in your life. So if your thoughts are predominantly negative, the Universe presumes that this is what you want, so it sends you more things to be negative about.

The same is true if your thoughts are positive. The Universe will send you even more positive experiences and people into your life. This is why Universal Law states that “like attracts like”, because the Universe gives us what it thinks we want by tracking our thoughts.

Now you begin to see the importance of thinking positively, as it’s your thoughts that are creating everything in your life. Right down to the people you meet, the amount of money you receive, and all of the experiences that you are having. That’s right, you are the creator of your life! Pretty mind blowing, isn’t it?

Create A Vision Board

So be careful what you wish for, and keep your thoughts positive, as they are creating your future! Focus on creating the future that you want by making your thoughts positive, and keep a picture of the future you desire always in your mind.

Why not create a vision board. Actually seeing your goals and dreams depicted in picture form on a vision or dream board every day helps to reinforce the dreams of the life that you’re creating fresh in your mind.

It also helps you to visualize your goals much more easily. This is very true for me. I don’t always find it easy to visualize my dreams, but I do find that images and pictures of my dreams and goals really help me to see the future that I want.

Try it out for yourself, and you’ll start to see the magic that this type of vision creation can work in your life.

You’ll never know if you don’t give it a shot!

Love & Light to you,

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien
Angel Intuitive, Reiki Healer & Nurse, Digital Marketer

Sue & the Angels. x

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