Angel Guidance Reading – Listen To Your Intuitive Feelings 06 – 09 July 2017

Angel Guidance Reading
Angel Guidance Reading – Listen To Your Intuitive Feelings


Angel Guidance Reading – Listen To Your Intuitive Feelings

This card was drawn from the Angel Therapy Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. We all receive guidance and messages from our Angels and the Divine Creator, and sometimes we don’t choose to listen straight away, if at all. But we do receive the messages all the same and on a continuous basis.

When we clear our bodies as much as possible of harsh chemicals, and all harsh and negative situations, we begin to receive these messages much more clearly and accurately. This is because harsh environments, and even the food and drinks we ingest all affect our energy levels greatly, as well as “clouding” up our connection with our own intuition and gut feelings.

The Angels say that we should try to avoid any negative or harsh situations and relationships if at all possible. They say that many of us are more sensitive to all of these negative energies and foods in our diets than we realize. So even if you make subtle changes in your lifestyle for the better you will notice a difference in your energy levels.

Trusting Your Guidance

We have to learn to trust in the guidance that we are receiving. The thoughts that pop into our heads are very real and come from the Creator and the Angels. These will always be ideas to improve our lives and make things better for us.

So how can you tell the difference between real guidance and other thoughts? Well, the thoughts and ideas that are not divinely guided are usually accompanied by lots of doubts, uncertainty and fears. They will make us feel scared, and we shrink back away from them on a physical level. If we do follow these kind of thoughts they usually lead us nowhere, and may even make things worse
in a situation.

Whereas thoughts that are divinely inspired always feel good, and will often make us feel excited. On a physical level you will feel confident, like you are expanding outwards, and you will feel optimistic and happy. So even though you may still feel a small bit apprehensive, these ideas always feel right, deep down in your gut.

When you follow this kind of guidance you will see doors open for you that you may never have thought possible, as the Universe works on your behalf, aligning everything nicely for you, so that everything falls into place smoothly. This is true divine guidance and believe me it really does work! All it requires is for you to make that leap of faith.

Divine Timing

Ask the Angels to assist you in every way with making the right decisions, and they will always be there by your side. It’s important not to push the Universe, just take it one step at a time. The guidance won’t work properly if we exert pressure into the situation.

The Universe needs time to align all that is required in order to give you the best possible outcome. If we are too specific, the Universe can’t maneuver to give us something even better than what we have asked for. Allow the Angels to light your path one step at a time, trust them completely and they will never let you down.

This is called Divine Timing, everything happens in exactly the right way at the right time for you and everyone else concerned.

So trust in the greater wisdom of the Universe!

Love & Light to you,

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien
Angel Intuitive, Reiki Healer & Nurse, Digital Marketer

Sue & the Angels. x

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2 thoughts on “Angel Guidance Reading – Listen To Your Intuitive Feelings 06 – 09 July 2017

  1. Carol says:

    I am familiar with Doreen Virtue, as I saw her speak in person about 10 years ago and found it fascinating. You are so right that we need to listen to our own intuition. Those gut feelings are trying to tell us something and too often we don’t trust them like we should. So many times in the past if I had listened to my gut, I could have avoided a lot of heartache and difficulties. I’m working on that and your angel card reading is right on target.

    • Susan Anderson O'Brien says:

      Hi Carol,

      I’m so happy that this Angel guidance meant something to you. I love working with Doreen Virtue’s Oracle cards and have been using them to work with my Angels for a long time now. 

      I also saw Doreen speak in Dublin once about 15 years ago now and she was amazing! The gentleman whom I trained with to read Angel cards Aidan Storey was trained himself by Doreen, and he was there that day too. 

      I think we all find it difficult at times to really pay attention to what our own intuition is telling us through our gut feelings. But it’s so important for us to learn to do this, as we miss out on so much guidance and so many opportunities otherwise that the Universe is trying to send to us. 

      It’s very much something that you just learn through practice. But none of us get it right all of the time, so don’t worry about it! I truly believe that if something is really meant for you and you miss it first time around, then the Universe will re-adjust to bring it back around to you again a second time. 

      Just gotta have trust and faith!


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