Angel Guidance Reading – Visualize Success 20 – 23 April 2017

Angel Guidance Reading
Angel Guidance Reading – Visualize Success


Angel Guidance Reading – Visualize Success

This card was drawn from the Angel Therapy Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. As you take action steps now towards your goals, it’s very important that you remain positive. Visualize yourself exactly as you wish to be. Doing work that you love, and living a truly happy and abundant life with loved ones and friends.

Hold this vision in your mind, and know that this is your life. Putting together a vision board of images and pictures of your goals and dreams will help you greatly with this. It’s always easier to visualize and actually see your dreams when you have something like a vision board to focus on. It just makes it all more tangible and real.

Keep A Gratitude Journal

Ask the Angels to assist you. By asking, you give them permission to act on your behalf to help you. Keep a gratitude journal, and write three things into it every day that you are grateful for. Nothing can open doors of opportunity faster for you than gratitude will.

Because when we are truly grateful, the Universe brings us even more to be grateful for. When you’re feeling a bit down, or just having an off day, read your journal and it will cheer you up quickly. I guarantee it!

Keep taking baby steps every day towards your goals and dreams. Just a little bit at a time. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But it never would have been if someone hadn’t started in the first place! To get where you want to go, you have to start out from where you are now. If you never start, then you’ll never get there. So just do it, go!

I’ll finish with a very apt quote from Walt Disney,

” If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Love & Light to you,

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien
Angel Intuitive, Reiki Healer & Nurse, Digital Marketer

Sue. x

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