Angel Guidance – Release Negative Energy 17 – 20 November 2016

release negative energy


Release Negative Energy

Archangel Michael is reminding us that now is a great time to release negative energy that we may be holding on to in our lives. It is time now to re-examine your life, and you can call on Archangel Michael to assist you with this energy work.

The current energies surrounding the Full Supermoon of the 14th November are still quite potent. So any energy work carried out at this time to release negative energy from your life, will be given an extra boost by this energy. The time of a Full Moon is always a great time to ground your energy, and release negative energy, thoughts, and feelings from your life.

Ask Yourself

What is no longer working for me in my life?

What struggles am I facing?

What is causing these struggles, fears and doubts?

What can I change and release from my life to make things better for me?

Who or what is holding me back?

Are there relationships in my life that are draining my energy?

Make A List

Write down a list of issues, situations, and people that you wish to let go of or release from your life. Be really honest with yourself when answering these questions. Make your list as complete as possible, and decide on the action steps you wish to take for each issue.

Remember, you have to be willing to make the changes necessary. Because nothing will change in your life if you don’t take the actions to change it.

Call on Archangel Michael to cut any etheric energy cords or attachments that may be present between you, and every situation or person, that you have written on your list. This is important work that Archangel Michael will carry out for you. He will quickly cut all negative and unnecessary cords and attachments for you with his sword of light, removing them completely.

Burn Your List

In order to fully release negative energy involved, I highly recommend that you burn your list. This is something that many energy healers, and shamans all across the world practice on a regular basis.

When you do this, on an energetic and spiritual level, the negative energy attached to each situation on your list will be completely cleansed and removed. This will then allow healing to flow into every area of your life, restoring natural equilibrium to your life.

The practice of symbolically burning written paper containing wishes, or things we would like to release, is most effective during a Full Moon. So even though the Moon is now entering it’s Waning phase, you can still benefit from this extra boost of energy from the Moon.

Be careful to burn your paper in a safe manner, well away from fabrics or curtains that may catch light. Always exercise caution when burning anything! Stay safe!


Ask Archangel Michael to assist you in your life. He will help you to find the courage and strength to follow through with your plans and action steps.

Archangel Michael can especially assist you with “speaking your truth”, so that you will find ways to tell people in a gentle, but assertive manner, how you are feeling and what you expect from them.

Until next time,

Happy Releasing!

Sue & the Angels. x

Susan Anderson O'Brien
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