Angel Messages Today – Power Animal 26-29 October 2017

Power Animal Card
Power Animal


Angel Messages Today- Power Animal

This card was drawn from the Angel Therapy Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. We all have animal spirit guides or power animals, who are with us like the Angels, and are very connected to the Earth. They are incredible beings of light, full of wisdom and knowledge, and they help us to develop our innate skills and talents, as well as helping us to learn about love, compassion, loyalty, and trust from them.
They empower us, but also help us to develop the softer, more empathetic side of ourselves, teaching us to embrace this side. They will often help you to recognize the darker side of yourself also, that shadow side that we all possess, and learn to accept it.

Meeting Your Power Animal Guides

You can meet your power animals through simple meditation.

Simply close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a magical forest. Ask your power animals to meet you there. Don’t specify what type of animal you wish to see, simply allow them to come forward to greet you.

Spend some time with them there, ask questions and see what answers you receive. You may like to know their names, so just ask them, and accept whatever answers you receive intuitively. You can meet with them here in this magical place any time you choose. Always remember to thank them afterwards.

This weeks card shows a Unicorn, and they are especially magical creatures, who are often found working with children who require healing energy. Yes, Unicorns really do exist on a spiritual level!

They are often drawn to work with healers, as they love to help with all types of healing. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful white Unicorn, ” Sulis” as one of my power animals. She is quite shy, and her energy is so gentle and soft, but powerful.

Unicorns embody the “magical”, and are also associated with the great wizard himself, Merlin. Yes, Merlin really does exist also on the spiritual plane! He is very real!

I was once told by another healer who often worked with children who had suffered abuse, that he had met a little girl who told him that she could always see a wonderful man dressed in a wizards outfit of purple, with a big, tall, pointy hat, and long white beard.

She said he was always smiling, and that he made her feel safe. She had described Merlin perfectly!

Working With Your Power Animal Guides

As a Reiki healer I constantly work with my power animals. A few years ago, I was carrying out a healing session for a lady who felt that she had been the victim of a psychic attack a few days beforehand. She had experienced an encounter with a very unsavory man, who was exceptionally aggressive, and she hadn’t felt very well after this event.

As I worked, sending healing energy into her body, I started to feel some exceptionally heavy, dark energy.  I continued to pull this negative energy from her, and would normally deposit this negative, dark energy in a spiritual bucket on the floor beside me, which is then normally emptied at the end of a healing session by the Angels, who take the bucket of negative energy away into the light where it is turned back into positive energy again and released.

However on this particular occasion, the energy clung to my hands instead, and shooting pains began to run up my arms. It was then that I became aware of a  large jet black cat sitting on the floor at my feet, her big green eyes staring up at me.

I instantly thought, “Wow, a big black panther!” Then I distinctly heard a voice in my head saying, “No, I am a black jaguar.” I had never ever heard that a black jaguar actually existed, let alone expected to see one sitting on my floor beside me!

But I was then told by my Angels and guides to allow her to lick the dark energy from my hands, which she then did. I was later to discover that black jaguars really do exist. The jet black of their fur makes it difficult to see their spots, but they do have them. They are now quite rare, only a handful left in existence here on planet Earth.

The black jaguar that I saw that day has been with me constantly ever since. Her name is “Celeste”, and she is one of my power animals. When I need her to help me, she eats negative energy from my fingers and hands, turning it back into positive energy once more.

In Shamanic healing traditions I am told that many shamans are accompanied by such power animals like Celeste, who take away and eat heavy, dark negative energies. I love her dearly and she has become a constant companion, even when I meditate and sleep.

Working and connecting with animals in any capacity is a blessing and healing on so many levels. If you’re lucky enough to work with animals, then you’re especially blessed, but you can also connect with your pets at home on a deep level.

Or why not try out the meditation I described above and get to know your spiritual power animals. I guarantee you won’t regret it! They will fill your life with their wonderful gentle guidance and wisdom!

Love & Light to you,

Sue. x

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