Angel Reading Messages – Ear Chakras 19 – 22 Jan. 2017

angel reading messages - ear chakras
Angel Messages – Ear Chakras


Angel Reading Message – Ear Chakras

Angels communicate telepathically most of the time, and this card is a clear message that they have been trying to get your attention.

Ask Archangel Michael to clear away any negative energy from your ear chakras to allow you to hear the Angels more clearly. If you’re thinking, “It’s just my imagination.” Well it isn’t! It’s the Angels whispering guidance in your ears, but you just don’t believe it yet!

You may initially mistake their messages for your own inner voice. This is a common mistake to make, but with time you can learn to tell the difference. When your ego speaks to you it will often be harsh, controlling, and negative. In contrast, the Angels messages are always helpful, positive, loving, and trustworthy.

Very often you may notice that the language that the Angels use is an older version of our language. They may use words like “forsake” and usually refer to themselves in the plural “we.” This is because the Angels see themselves as one, not separate beings.

Pure Love And Light

Angels do not have egos, and do not judge us in any way. They are beautiful, wise beings of pure love and light energy. If you have any doubts about a message, simply ask the Angels to give you a sign to confirm what you’ve heard. They will be pleased to do so, as they truly wish for us to be able to interact with them to hear their messages.

Angel messages are usually repetitive. They will keep finding ways to bring us the same message until we take notice and acknowledge it.

So you may hear the same song repeatedly playing on the radio in the car, at the store, or on the T.V. Listen to the lyrics, as there is a message for you in them. You may also overhear a conversation related to the same subject, or see an advert in a paper that contains more information, again related to the same topic.

The Angels employ numerous ways and means to grab our attention. They are the Masters of Signs! These messages are most often the answers to our prayers. So listen, and follow the advice you’re being given!

Your Angels are very near, and they always have your best interests at heart! So pay attention to them!

Until next time,

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien

Love & Light to you,

Sue & the Angels. x

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2 thoughts on “Angel Reading Messages – Ear Chakras 19 – 22 Jan. 2017

  1. This is so beautiful, Sue. Thanks for sharing. I love angels and I often interact with them. In today’s world, you can always use a soft, soothing voice of love.
    Love, light and blessings to you.

    • Thanks Michelle.
      I am so happy that you are enjoying my website. It’s great that you listen to your Angels too! They so often try so hard to grab our attention. But so many people don’t pay attention to the signs and messages that they send us. So they don’t allow themselves to benefit from their Angels’ wisdom. Pop back again soon!
      Love & Light to you too,
      Sue. x

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