Angel Reading Messages – Heal Away Addictions 23 – 25 Jan. 2017

Angel Reading Messages
Heal Away Addictions – Angel Reading Messages


Angel Reading Messages – Heal Away Addictions

This particular Angel Reading Message comes as a confirmation for you today that you do need to let go of addictions from your life . Because the Angels say that you already know that this is what you need to do in order to really connect with your own intuition. Clear intuition and chakras bring us clarity of thought, and clear guidance from Heaven.
So be honest with yourself. What types of addictive behavior, destructive patterns, and unhealthy relationships are you holding on to in your life? These things all rob you of energy, health, and happiness. They diminish your confidence, waste your time, and block the good from entering your life.


It is so very important to practice great self-care in your life in order to clearly connect with your inner feelings, intuition, and dreams. The Angels aren’t asking us to be saints. They don’t expect that of us.

They’re simply asking that we make our long term goals and health a priority. That we learn to be assertive, and to stand proudly in our own shoes, confident in ourselves and in our vision for the future.

This starts with making healthy choices in our lives, based on what will make us happy and healthy in the long term. So take an inventory of your life at this time. What aspects of your life are you not happy with?
What can you change now?

And what changes will take longer to implement?

Write out a list, as this will make it clearer in your mind, and you can refer back to your list when you need to. Set out a plan of action. Decide what steps you need to take in each case. They don’t have to be big steps, even baby steps are progress when you take a step each day. At least you’re taking action!

Implementing these actions takes you closer then every day to your goals. If it’s your diet you wish to change, even basic simple changes can make a huge difference after even a few months.

Addictive Substances

Cut down as much as you can on sugar, alcohol, tobacco products, and caffeine. These are all the items that clog up our chakras in a major way, and leave us feeling drained as they rob our energy.

Even drinking carbonated water instead of sugar laden soft drinks will make you feel better in the long run. Add slices of lemon, lime, or orange to your water for a refreshing taste. This is a basic simple change, and I can guarantee that after a little while you’ll notice that nothing satisfies your thirst like water does. You’ll also have the added benefits of much clearer skin as a result!

Get plenty of rest and sleep, meditate, walk in nature, eat fresh foods,especially vegetables and fruits.

Re-assess Your Relationships

Take stock of all the relationships in your life. Which ones are draining you, and just not working?

Start setting some boundaries, and stick to them. If it’s a loved one who is very close then it can be extra difficult, but you must take care of yourself, so be assertive and let them know that you’re not happy. Tell them how you wish to be treated, and that you deserve respect also.

Ask the Angels and Archangel Raphael to assist you. Archangel Raphael can heal addictions for you as he is the Supreme Healing Angel. He will help to heal away any addictions in your life, as well as assisting you to resolve any relationship issues that you may have.

When you start to implement the changes required you will notice your self-confidence and self-esteem levels begin to increase. Most importantly, you’ll also begin to reconnect with your intuition, gaining more clarity and guidance from the Divine as a result. Because you’ll more easily be able to notice it.

When we feel more positive, we will naturally attract more positive people, situations, and opportunities into our

Until next time,

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien
Angel Intuitive, Reiki Healer & Nurse, Digital Marketer

Love & Light to you,

Sue & the Angels.

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