Archangel Michael – Special New Year Message 31 Dec. 2016 – 4 Jan. 2017

archangel michael
Archangel Michael – New Year Message



Archangel Michael – Special New Year Message

The following message is one that I was very honored to channel from Archangel Michael. It is a message of hope and love to us all from the Angels for the New Year 2017. I hope that it will resonate with you. Please enjoy!

New Year Message

“Greetings. It is I Archangel Michael come here today to offer our deepest and sincerest wishes of love and joy to you all on this special occasion, the beginning of the New Year that you call 2017. 

For us your Angels, time has no meaning, for we are everywhere past, present, and future, through all dimensions of light, all at once. 

However, we see and understand your need and desire to mark time in this way. This desire allows you to spend time in reflection on the things that have passed. But it also allows you, most importantly, to plan for the time ahead. To create and manifest into being a brighter future, in order for you to more easily navigate the path ahead. 

We see your desires to improve, to change, and to make things better, and we your Angels applaud your efforts, enthusiasm, and determination always. 

As you sit in hope and celebration on this eve of the New Year ahead, we your Angels will be with you, showering loving blessings and healing golden light of the Divine upon you. 

May your New Year ahead be all that you have hoped and wished for. Remembering always that we are by your side, through the darkness, and the light. 

Blessed be, my dear ones, 

Archangel Michael.”

Final Thoughts…

I certainly can’t top Archangel Michael’s message, and I wouldn’t even attempt to do so! When I read the message back initially, after I had channeled it, I cried. Because I could feel the Angel’s love for us all emanating from the words. My greatest hope is that you will also be touched by their love this New Year, and on into 2017.

From myself and my loved ones to yours,

I wish you a New Year filled with love and light!

Sue & the Angels. x

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien
Angel Intuitive, Reiki Healer & Nurse, Digital Marketer

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