Archangel Raziel Messages Today 28-30 August 2017

Archangel Raziel Messages Today
Archangel Raziel Messages Today – Clairvoyance


Archangel Raziel Messages Today – Clairvoyance

This card was drawn from the Archangel Guidance Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. Archangel Raziel’s name means “secrets of God”, and he is involved in manifestation and alchemical work. He works closely with the Creator, and he knows all the secrets of the Universe and how it operates. Archangel Raziel can help you to understand high level information regarding manifestation, quantum physics, sacred geometry and many other subjects.

If you call on him for help, he will act like a very kind, loving and intelligent professor, helping you to learn how to improve your
life. He also helps us to open up our psychic abilities more, allowing us to better see, hear, know and feel Divine Guidance. Like a Divine Wizard, he will help you to manifest your dreams.

The Gift Of Divine Sight

Clairvoyance is the ability to see spiritually and we all have this ability, whether we’re aware of it or not. Most often, as the gift of Clairvoyance is opening up, you will start to see images in your mind. Over time, and with practice, many people start to see these images outside their heads as the images merge with their eyesight. When this occurs you physically see these images of people or places as if they were real, right there in front of you.

In the beginning you may at first think that your mind is playing tricks on you, but this isn’t the case. If you allow your gift of clairvoyance to develop, you will notice that these images become clearer over time, and much more distinct.

Divine Messages & Signs

These images are quite often our Angels or Spirit Guides trying to send messages to us. But it may also be loved ones or relatives popping in to see us. Just because they have crossed over into Heaven doesn’t mean that they don’t visit us sometimes to check that we are okay, and find out how we’re getting on.

Sometimes you may see images of places or objects, or even people that you don’t know. It can be difficult sometimes to understand what these images mean. I usually ask my Angels to help me to better understand each message, and I have found that the information and first impressions that “pop” into my head are most often the correct ones.

So ask for the Angels help, and don’t second guess the impressions that  you’re picking up.  These messages are for you, and you’re Divine team of Angels and Guides wish for you to understand them as much as you possibly can. So trust in the guidance that you are receiving.

Quite a few people are opening up this gift of clairvoyance now, as the Angels tell me that the veil between here and the spirit world has been thinning for quite some time now, and will continue to do so. This in effect means, that more and more people have been experiencing unusual occurrences or sightings that they just can’t explain.

Increasingly, I have been told stories about these experiences by numerous people, asking for my opinion or help. The Angels tell me that usually this is often because a loved one/ relative is just “popping in” to see how we are. Our loved ones do this regularly, to check that we are okay.

They wish for us to know that they haven’t forgotten us. On the contrary, they love and care for us all just as much as ever, and they like to stay in touch, even if we’re not aware of them being there.

Divine Guidance

Archangel Raziel wishes you to know today that it is through your clairvoyance that the Angels, God and the Universe, often choose to send you guidance. But some of you have become afraid because of these experiences, and so you have shut yourselves down, not allowing your clairvoyance to develop naturally, the way that it should.

The Angels understand your fears but say that they are unfounded. There is nothing for you to fear. Your clairvoyance is a natural gift from the Creator and one which he intends you to use for your greater good, and the good of all mankind.

Archangel Raziel says not to worry, or to let your fears get in the way. Give any doubts, fears and worries to the Angels. Nothing can harm you simply because you choose to use your gift of clairvoyance, and the Angels will never allow anything to happen to you.

You can call on the Angels to be by your side always. In fact, you can call on Archangel Michael to be right beside you always. He will quite happily live in your home and protect you and your loved ones if you ask him to. He along with all of the other Angels will protect you continuously.

Using Clairvoyance Wisely

You are a child of the Creator and clairvoyance is one of your Divine gifts. It is safe to use it, because no one can be in your presence without invitation, unless they carry the light of God in their souls.

Yes, there are those who have chosen to invite dark energies to be near them, but these are rare occurrences and happen due to the free will of the people involved, and the choices that they make. Many of these people do not realize the dangers of inviting these darker energies into their lives.

Others may do so unwittingly through the use of a Ouija board or seance. The Angels say that it is never safe to open doors to the other side in this manner. The loved ones that you may seek to talk to can never be summoned in this way.

Only the Angels, such as Archangel Azrael, can facilitate a dream visit with a loved one who has passed. Other people called
Mediums are gifted with very strong and open gifts from our Creator. This also allows them to receive messages from loved ones on the other side, and with God’s assistance, pass on these messages to their family, friends and loved ones here.

There are also earth bound souls, who were simply not ready or were too afraid at the time of their deaths to cross over into the light. They chose to remain here for various different reasons. Many of them are not even aware that they have passed, and live in what the Angels call a time loop put in place to protect them, until such time as they are ready to cross over into the light.

Sometimes, these people may be seen by us, but they wish us no harm and do not wish to cause any upset to anyone. In fact, they may feel disturbed and confused if they become aware of us watching them, as they are often unaware that they are living in the Spirit world.

If you do become aware of an earth bound spirit it is often helpful to call on the Angels to ask them to open the door to the spirit world. I usually ask the Angels to see if there is a friend or loved one there who knows the person, can come to the door to meet them and encourage the earth bound soul to cross over with them. This is a lovely thing to do for the person as they may feel scared to go with the Angels. Which may be why they never crossed into the light when they first passed.

If you prefer you can get help from a Reiki Master or Shaman to assist the soul to cross over with the Angels. Many Reiki Masters and most Shamans, and other healers also, are trained to provide this service and will be happy to help you and the soul involved.

In the end, all souls eventually do cross over into the light when they are ready. No one is ever forgotten or forced to cross into the light until they are happy to go. The Angels watch over these earth bound souls always, protecting them until they are ready to continue their spiritual journey.

We are all divine sparks of light from the Creator. Souls of love and light who have taken on a human form in order to learn, grow and to experience life here.

The “ghosts” that we fear are the very same as us. The only difference being, that they have left their human forms behind, and have already started their journey back home to where we all came from in the first place.

So the Angels say don’t be afraid to use your gift of clairvoyance through fear for what you may see or encounter. Because you have nothing to fear but fear itself.  Clairvoyance is one of your many Divine gifts from the Creator.  Allow your Angels to help you to develop your gift and they will be happy to assist you.

Love & Light to you,

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien
Angel Intuitive, Reiki Healer & Nurse, Digital Marketer

Sue & the Archangels. x

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