Asking For Angelic Help – Angel Guidance 01 – 04 Dec.

asking for angelic help
Asking For Angelic Help


Asking For Angelic Help

Have you asked for angelic help recently? Or did you wonder after a certain event why your Guardian Angel didn’t step in to help you?  So that now you are left doubting whether or not Angels really do exist?

Your Angels are very real. They stand ever ready to help you, right by your side. But there’s one not so small impediment in their way. Your Free Will.

Your Free Will

God gave us all the free will to make all of our own choices and decisions for ourselves. No matter how good or bad our decisions are for us, no one is allowed to interfere with our free will choices. Not even God and the Angels!

Therefore in order to receive angelic help from them , the Angels must first receive our permission to help us in any situation. Once we give them this permission the Angels will enter our lives, and help us to sort out numerous different situations and dilemmas on our behalf.

They will always do this for the highest good of everyone involved, as they will not interfere with a life lesson that you may need to learn. But they will smooth things for you, clearing the path ahead for you much more easily. In this way you work side by side with your Angels and God, co-creating your future.

Miraculous Angelic Help

So what about all of those miraculous rescue stories involving amazing angelic help from the Angels?  Stories when they have saved people from certain injury or death? These are in fact quite true. The Angels are permitted to protect us from serious harm without our permission in the event of an accident or emergency, if it is not yet our time to leave this life.

Ask your Angels right now to help you with any situation in your life that is troubling you. Don’t hesitate. They are waiting now by your side. All you have to do is to give them permission. A simple request is all that they require.

You don’t have to say any special words or prayers. Just talk to them as if you were talking to your best friend. You can talk out loud, or in your head. They will hear you either way, and they will always answer your request for help.

Angel Signs & Messages

Pay attention then to the Angel’s replies. You may receive signs, dreams, inspired ideas, or gut feelings in response to your requests for help. This is how the Angels communicate with us. Through our intuition, and gut feelings.

They will use these signs to grab our attention. Very often your Angels will send you a message in a way that they know will mean something special, or be quite specific to you and significant. In other words, they will tailor their message to make it specifically just for you! So sit up and pay attention!

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Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien

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