Create A God Box – Angel Guidance 12 – 14 Dec. 2016

create a god box
Create A God Box


Create A God Box

A God Box is a way for you to work in partnership with God and the Angels in order to release all of your fears, worries, and doubts. It also gives you a way to physically hand your requests, and prayers to Heaven.

You can purchase or make a box to suit. Choose one that is suitably ornate or mystic. You can ask the Angels for guidance on this if you like. Decorate the outside of it if you wish with crystals, glitter, and sequins. Whatever appeals to you. Then place your God Box somewhere you will see it often, and have easy access to it. If you like you can place Angel or fairy statues and crystals around your box also.

Write Down Everything On Paper

Write down all your requests, prayers, worries, fears, and doubts on separate pieces of paper. You can use different colored pieces of paper if you wish. Then place each piece of paper in the God Box.

It’s nice then to tell God and the Angels that you are giving all of these issues to them, and ask that they take care of them for you. For your highest good, and the highest good of everyone involved. Rest assured then that God and the Angels will work in powerful ways to resolve each issue for you. Transmuting (changing all energy back into positive in the light) any negative energy from each situation as they work.

In this way you will receive great healing energy, bringing you more clarity, and peace of mind and heart. This is an extremely effective way to work with Heaven and achieve great results.

Burn To Fully Release

You may also choose to burn the pieces of paper. This totally releases the whole situation, putting it to rest completely.

Freezing the pieces of paper in a plastic bag, stops any situation in it’s tracks, preventing it from progressing any further.

While burying the paper is really good in situations where healing is required over a period of time, especially emotionally.

A minimum of 3 months is recommended for the God box, freezing, or burying methods, or until you feel intuitively that the situation is resolved.

I then highly recommend that you burn each piece of paper afterwards to completely release any residual energy from each situation.

Archangel Azrael

Archangel Azrael is also happy to assist you in putting any situation to rest completely. Write the issue down on a piece of paper, and then ask for Archangel Azrael to intervene on your behalf.

Then place the piece of paper in a safe place where it won’t be disturbed, and visualize a bubble of pink light surrounding the paper completely. If you have a piece of rose quartz crystal available you may also wish to place it on top of the piece of paper. Surrounding the paper in pink light and rose quartz energy brings great love, light and healing to any situation.

Once again, when you feel that the issue has been resolved, burn the piece of paper. And always remember to thank the Angels for their help.

Until next time,

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien

Love & Light to you,

Sue & the Angels. x

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