How Do Eclipses Affect Us?

eclipses affect us
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How Do Eclipses Affect Us?

Eclipses occur when one celestial body obscures or blocks out another celestial body. Solar and Lunar Eclipses bring powerful energy shifts, and they are not always smooth. But they do bring great change for the better. So how do these eclipses affect us?

During an eclipse you may experience a difficult change in your energy. But this also brings with it growth, and a chance to fulfill your highest potential. So an eclipse should be welcomed, as it removes obstacles, allowing major growth to take place with lasting results.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses always occur in pairs.  A Lunar Eclipse will always take place 2 weeks before or after a Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse

The Moon obscures the Sun during a solar eclipse. So the radiant, warm, shining, life giving qualities of the Sun are dulled within us during a Solar Eclipse.

This then becomes a very intuitive time for us, as it allows us to increase the qualities of the Moon within us. A Solar eclipse affects us by increasing  our inner guidance systems, intuition, and powers of reflection. Our Divine Feminine or Goddess energy is also increased at this time. This holds true for both men and women. We do all possess both male and female aspects to ourselves!

Pay attention to your intuitive and gut feelings during a Solar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipse

This happens when the Moon passes into the Earth’s shadow, and so it appears invisible in the night sky. This only occurs during a Full Moon, when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are all in alignment.

Total Lunar Eclipses are quite rare, occurring maybe 4-5 times in a decade. Only 1 in every 3 is a Total Eclipse.

This is a good time to reflect and ask yourself questions to open up the parts of you that are normally hidden away. Ask your Angels and guides to assist you in this work, as it can seem very daunting at first. But it can also reveal so much about you, as your subconscious is so open during a Lunar Eclipse. You may be surprised with some of the intuitive answers that you receive.

You may wish to keep a diary on how you feel during each eclipse that takes place. Very often you will begin to notice a pattern occurring as eclipses affect us all in many ways.

It seems appropriate now to also include here a little bit of information about the various different types of Moons that also occur in our night skies, as they too can have differing affects on us and our energies.

Blue Moon

A Blue Moon occurs when there is a second Full Moon in a cycle or month. This second Full Moon is referred to as a Blue Moon, and it adds extra power to the cycle.

The Moon doesn’t actually appear blue, but every action taken during a Blue Moon has twice the potent Full Moon energy behind it.  A wonderful time for inspirational projects, and creativity to flow! A Blue Moon will often bring people back into your life, and offers second chances.

Blue Moons occur about every two and a half years.

Super Moon

A Super Moon occurs when the Moon in it’s orbit is closest to the Earth, or at it’s perigee, making it appear as a gigantic Super Moon. Super Moons often provide some of the most breath taking night views to behold!

Blood Moon

These are quite rare, and only occur during a Total Lunar Eclipse. As the Earth completely eclipses the Moon, blocking out the Sun’s light, the Sun’s rays bend around the Earth, passing through the Earth’s atmosphere. This light then appears coppery red, lighting up the Moon’s surface, making it look a reddish brown color.

This is referred to as a Blood Moon, and still carries all the energy of a full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Tetrad

Lunar Eclipses tend to occur in no particular order, but in a Lunar Tetrad things are very different. Every so often four Total Lunar Eclipses occur in a row. They happen six months apart, and there are at least six Total Full Moons between two Total Lunar Eclipses in a Tetrad.

The last Lunar Tetrad took place on dates between April 2014 and September 2015 last year;

– April 15, 2014
– October 8, 2014
– April 4, 2015
The last one took place on September 27/28, 2015, and this was quite a  rare one.  It was a Total Lunar Eclipse of a Super Moon, and a Blood Moon.

Lunar Eclipses are spectacular and can be viewed with the naked eye. No protective eye wear is necessary.

This was the last Total Lunar Eclipse to occur, and visible from mainland U.S.A., until January 31, 2018. The next Lunar Tetrad will not occur again until April 25, 2032. So I’m afraid we  will just have to wait quite a while!
Some people view these occurrences like “doomsday” warnings, but I like to remain positive, and view them as the Universe simply reminding us of it’s majesty and magnificence. They remind us all of a power much greater, more loving, and benevolent than ourselves, and I stand in awe of their wonder.

So don’t start stocking up the “end of the world” stocks just yet! Remember, God and the Universe love us all so much, and our Creator only wants the very best for us always.

Moon Calendars

You can purchase a calendar every year, usually in December, that shows the moon phases and exact times for each one, for the year ahead.

You can also track the phases of the moon online, and many online calendars, like those offered by Google, can be adjusted to show the moon’s phases.

So learn to work with the phases of the Moon, and you learn to go with the flow of Nature and the natural world. What could possibly be better than being in flow with the natural world around us?

If you have any questions or comments just leave them below, and I will get back to you personally. Would love to hear from you!

Sue. x

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