Indigo Angel Guidance 9 – 11 Jan. 2017

indigo angel guidance
Indigo Angel Guidance


Indigo Angel Guidance

Chances are that the majority of you who read this article are Indigo’s. You are not alone. The first Indigo children were those who came to prominence during the 1960’s. A time of great changes and revolutions in the way people thought and behaved, the music they listened to, their personal style, and especially in their beliefs. Remember the big anti-war demonstrations of that era? Peace and love became the bye-words of this generation.

What Does It Mean To Be Indigo

So what does it mean to be Indigo? Well I could devote a whole article to this subject, but basically Indigos are light-workers sent by the Creator to change the status quo here on Earth for the better. They are strongly independent, with a fiercely strong sense of right and wrong. Indigo’s cannot stand discrimination and injustice of any kind, and will fight continuously to put an end to it, never swaying from their task.

They are natural born leaders who draw people to them because of their fierce determination, strong ethical and moral code, and their wisdom, which allows them to quickly see through lies and deception. Indigos are naturally blessed with exceptional psychic gifts. They are extremely sensitive, with a very highly developed intuition.

Not all Indigos are outgoing. Some prefer to be in their own company, and may therefore be considered introverted, even though this is not the case. They will however always stand their ground when challenged, so woe betide anyone who mistakenly thought that they were “quiet!”

It has been said that an Indigo will “fight with their own toenails” in order to prove that they are right in a situation! Not surprisingly then, most Indigos are known to be very stubborn!

Strong Intuition

Indigos tend to be incredible, loyal friends. They are very kind, generous, and sensitive, and listen well to others’, really hearing what’s being said and evaluating it properly. However, they will not tolerate fools gladly, and can evaluate a false situation rapidly. So never try to “pull the wool” over an Indigo’s eyes. It simply won’t work, as their intuition is too finely honed and accurate.

They make very strong, dependable allies, but only if the situation is true, and is worth fighting for. This is because if an Indigo feels that they are in the wrong, they will readily admit defeat, as they have the ability to empathize and to see all sides in a conflict at the same time.

Wake Up Call

If you’re identifying with these characteristics as you read this, then you are most likely an Indigo yourself, and this card drawn above carries a message for you. You are a light-worker, and you are very powerful.

It is your life’s purpose and mission to shine your light out into the world to inspire and help others. Do not let fears hold you back. If you’re not living on purpose, aligned with your Divine work, then you are probably feeling unhappy at this time.

This is your Wake Up Call! Answer it! Ask yourself ” What do I enjoy doing that makes my heart sing?” and “What can I do to make the world a better place?”

The answers to these questions hold the key to your mission, the reason that you are here in the first place. This is your light-work, so don’t waste any more time. Plan and take action today!

You will be fully supported by the Universe and the Angels if you’ll allow them to. So get out there, and make your heart sing doing what you love, and making a difference in the world for the better. Let your light shine out into the world to inspire others to do the same.
The world needs you and your gifts now!

Until next time,

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien

Love & Light to you,

Sue. x

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