Learn To Recognize Energy Vampires

Recognize Energy Vampires
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Learn To Recognize Energy Vampires

Energy vampires really do exist. They are very real, and we have all met them at some time or other. Cast your mind  back, and you will inevitably remember someone whom you would always dread meeting. This wasn’t because they were evil in any way, but simply because every time you would meet them, they would leave you feeling exhausted and drained on a mental and physical level.

This was due to the fact that during your encounter they managed to drain you of some of your life force energy. Sounds crazy, right? But it actually does happen on a daily basis to many of us, and we’re totally unaware of it except for feeling really tired and drained afterwards. All the more reason then, to learn how to protect your energy from others.

Etheric Cords

The truth is we all take energy from one another on some level or other, without realizing it, all the time. We form what the Angels describe as “etheric cords” (energy portals like a hose) between ourselves, and other people around us.

We all form these cords automatically with the people whom we interact with every day. So you will have etheric cords connected to family members, partners, friends, siblings, coworkers, and basically anyone that you interact with during each day.

We form these etheric cords on a subconscious level automatically. They then allow energy to flow in both directions, between the two people connected to each other. Which is okay if your cords are only connected to close loved ones and friends who never get angry, down, or sick. But this simply isn’t the case.

Your energy interacts with literally every single person that you meet. And the etheric cords form, whether you want them to or not. So energy moves back and forth between us all everyday, and we can’t really control the flow of this energy. Problems begin however, when too much energy flows away from you, and you end up feeling exhausted and drained.

It’s only when you start to feel tired like this for no apparent reason, that you will benefit from an intervention from your Angels, which I will tell you about in my next blog post. But for now let’s take a deeper look at this energy interaction, and how it relates to certain people who are often called “Energy Vampires.”

Energy Vampires

Energy Vampire is a term used to describe someone who deliberately uses certain methods or techniques to gain energy from others, in order to “boost” their own energy reserves.

As I described above, forming  etheric cords connecting us to others is something that we all do unconsciously, and without any direct intention, every single day. It’s something that occurs naturally when our energy bodies (or auras) interact, and this happens whenever you even stand or sit close to another person. Whether it’s on a train or even a bus. It’s something that we can’t really avoid, and as it’s done unconsciously it usually doesn’t cause too many problems for us all.

However, with Energy Vampires, things are a little bit different. They are normal people, the very same as everyone else, except
when it comes to how they get their energy boosts. Yes, they form etheric cords with their victims, the same way as everyone else does. But the biggest difference is that they are aware, on a certain level, that they are receiving a boost of energy at your expense.

They use tried and tested methods to extract energy from others. We’ve all known them. They may be obnoxious or meek, but they will always leave you feeling stressed out and exhausted. That’s guaranteed!

Energy Vampires fall into numerous categories. Here are just a few;

The Whinger

She is always the victim in any given situation, and whines about it continuously. She will draw you into her drama as much as possible, sucking energy from you in the process.

The Charmer

He is constantly talking, telling jokes, and has to always be the center of attention, draining energy from his audience in a major energy boost.

The Blamer

She doles out endless helpings of guilt and blame to everyone around her, making everyone feel bad and small. She  will never accept any responsibility for her own actions, and uses her power of guilt over others to drain the energy she needs.

The Drama Queen

No matter what you’ve been through recently, she’s had it worse. Everything she does, or says is always so much more important and dramatic than anyone else. Expect support from her at your own risk!

By constantly drawing all attention to her own dramas, she drains energy from anyone willing to listen.

The Paranoid Ones

Constantly pick fights with everyone, gaining energy from others in this way. They think that the whole world is against them, and insist that you agree with their distorted view of the world.

The Jealous Ones

They are never happy for anyone, and are jealous of everything that is going right for you. They will never compliment you, or sincerely wish you well. In fact you are most likely to receive an insult, dressed up as a sweet back-handed compliment from them instead. Very often delivered with a smile!

The Insecure Ones

They live in fear of the world, and need constant reassurance, sucking energy from you in this way. They will pull you down to their level as often as possible.

The Bullies

They stomp on the little guy all the time, deliberately singling out their victims so that they can inflate their own egos.

As long as the bully’s victim is willing to put up with this abuse, they will continue to act in this manner towards them. But bullies don’t like hardship, and once the victim begins to fight back, will often move on to their next target. This is because on an energy level they are no longer receiving the energy that they need from this person.

The Gossipers

This goes way beyond normal chat. They single out their targets, and go out of their way to make them feel small and insignificant. This is how they get their energy boosts from their victims, because seeing the effects of their gossip makes them feel powerful.

The Short Tempers

These people use fear and manipulation to control their victims, often with the threat of violence. The unpredictability of their moods further controls their victims. Keeping their victims living in perpetual fear of the unknown is what “feeds” their power and energy needs.

These are some of the main energy vampire types, but this list isn’t exhaustive, and some people may display the characteristics of several of the above. I’m willing to bet that you can identify several people that you know who fit into one or several of the above categories.


It is possible to deal with Energy Vampires with tried and tested techniques. Many of these methods are subtle, but powerful, employing the use of energy visualization techniques. Many healers, including myself, use these methods on a daily basis, and can vouch for their effectiveness when employed successfully.

These are simple, but highly effective energy techniques that you can learn to use quite easily to protect your own energy. So pop on over to my next blog post to find out more! Angel Light To Protect Against Energy Vampires

Love & Light to you,

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien
Angel Intuitive, Reiki Healer & Nurse, Digital Marketer

Sue. x

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4 thoughts on “Learn To Recognize Energy Vampires

  1. Paulina says:

    I used to have a friend that every time after we would meet I would feel tired and out of energy… I do believe that our energy interacts with everyone we meet and we can influence our surroundings very easily.
    This is the first time that I am reading about “Energy Vampires”, and I would like to think that these people don’t do it on purpose, we all don’t want to consider ourselves “Energy Vampires”… Maybe they just do it because it is part of their personality…? I don’t know…

    • Susan Anderson O'Brien says:

      Hi Paulina,
      Yes I agree. Not everyone is an Energy Vampire. I definitely do think it has a lot to do with a person’s personality.
      The sad fact is though that the people that you could label “Energy Vampire” do actively manipulate the other people around them. The reason that they do this isn’t just to get their own way, but it also has to do with power. And this power that they receive is what gives them the energy boosts that they are craving. Unfortunately the power or energy has to come from somewhere, and it’s usually from the person that they have manipulated. Hence feeling like your energy has been drained.
      Thanks for dropping by,

  2. Don Yutuc says:

    This is awesome information, Sue! I’ll have to bookmark this page to come back to it again and again. Energy Vampire! I have people in mind who are!

    Question: Is there such a thing as getting drained of energy just by being in a crowd of people? Just curious.

    Your website is amazing! I’ll be visiting later for ideas on improving mine! Thanks!


    • Susan Anderson O'Brien says:

      Hi Don,
      So happy that you love my website! Thanks. And I am really glad that this article is helpful for you. So many people don’t realize the importance of protecting their own energy. The thing is that it’s such a simple thing to do when you know how.
      In answer to your question, Yes it is possible to feel drained of energy when you are in a crowd of people. Especially depending on the overall mood of the crowd. For example if it’s a demonstration or protest then you will likely have angry or frustrated people in the crowd, and the overall mood may be quite impatient and intimidating. This is enough to drain your energy, even more so if you’re an empath who is sensitive to the moods and energies of those around you. But just being in a crowd at a nightclub or a concert is enough to drain some energy from most people, even though they may not be aware of it at the time. Which is why they may feel exhausted for no apparent reason the next day.
      When dealing with a crowd situation or large group of people I recommend using a mirrored bubble, as the mirror reflects any negative energy away from you, while still allowing positive energy to flow freely.
      Mirrors are quite powerful really, as even in Feng Shui it is advised not to have a mirror in your bedroom unless it’s covered at night to prevent it from draining your energy while you sleep. A mirror should only be placed also in a tidy room, as a mirror will reflect back the overall energy in a room. So if it’s untidy, it will reflect untidy energy!
      I will be posting some articles on being an empath soon which will give you even more information. So check back again soon.
      Love & Light to you,

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