Melchizedek Ascended Master Reading 24 – 26 April 2017

Ascended Master Reading
Melchizedek – Spiritual Law of Attraction


Melchizedek – Ascended Master Reading

This card was drawn from the Ascended Masters Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. Melchizedek was a Canaanite priest-king and teacher of the patriarch Abraham. He is reputed to be a descendant of Noah, and a great spiritual master of alchemy and sacred geometry. You can call upon him for help in mastering manifestation, and to understand esoteric wisdom.

How do you view the world around you? You can choose to see all the storms, drama, and upset. Or you can choose to focus instead on your blessings. On peace, and the simple, magical every day moments that we all experience, but so often ignore to our own detriment. So do you see your cup half empty, or half full?

Whatever You Focus On Grows Bigger

Whatever you decide to focus on is where you are placing your energy. This influx of energy (through our thought wave patterns) actually makes whatever we focus on grow and become larger, expanding. We magnify it with our thought energy!

This is part of how Universal Laws work. The situations, people, or circumstances that we are thinking about are then drawn towards us, like magnets, because they are on the same vibrational frequency or wavelength as us. This is how the Law of Attraction works.

The thing is though that the Law of Attraction can’t differentiate between good or bad. All the Universe understands is the vibrational frequency we’re vibrating on at any given time, and so it works to send us the circumstances that match our frequency or energy. Because it thinks that’s what we want. So it matches us up, whether good or bad!

Like Attracts Like

When we’re in a state of low vibrational frequency, full of negative thoughts and emotions, we attract negative, low vibration experiences and people into our lives. Why? Because “Like attracts like.” It’s a Universal Law, and there’s no escaping it!

However, when we’re in a state of high vibrational frequency, full of joyful thoughts and emotions, we will attract positive high vibration experiences and people into our lives. So it works both ways.

The thing is that it’s your decision. You have the choice to be positive or negative. It’s totally up to you, and no-one else can make this decision for you. It’s most important to choose wisely then!

Yes, life can be rough sometimes, and sometimes things happen that completely knock us down. What makes the difference though is how you choose to react to each situation that occurs. So you can choose to view any given situation from a positive and accepting stance, or you can refuse to deal with it and become negative.

Learn To Look For The Silver Lining

Learn to look for the silver lining in every situation. Because there is always a reason for everything that occurs. Sometimes it’s a lesson for us to learn, or maybe a lesson that we help another person to learn from.

It’s important to learn also to accept the things that we can’t control or change in life. The sudden loss of a loved one can’t be changed, but it is an inevitable part of life that we all must face at some time. So we must learn to accept and to live with it. Just try to remember the good memories, and live your own life. Your loved one would want you to be happy, not sad.

Life can sometimes feel like your riding a roller-coaster. But when we learn to appreciate all the blessings and goodness in our lives, it makes it much easier to weather the storms that come our way. Remember to stay positive.

So which vibrational frequency do you wish to achieve? The power is in your own hands, and mind. Choose wisely, and focus on the positives in your life, not the negatives.

Love & Light to you,

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien
Angel Intuitive, Reiki Healer & Nurse, Digital Marketer

Sue & the Ascended Masters. x

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