Sedna Goddess Guidance Reading 15 – 18 June 2017

Sedna Goddess Guidance Reading
Sedna Goddess Guidance Reading – Infinite Supply


Sedna Goddess Guidance Reading – Infinite Supply

This card was drawn from the Goddess Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue. Sedna is the Inuit and Alaskan Goddess of the sea, who provides sustenance for the body and the soul. It is said that Sedna lost the tips of her fingers in a tragic boating accident, and that the tips of her fingers then transformed into whales, seals, and other sea creatures. So Sedna is deeply connected with the
Ocean’s inhabitants. Sedna wishes for us to know that there is more than enough abundance in the Universe for everyone. The key is to have balance in giving and in receiving.

Give And Receive

If you only give all of the time, you will begin to feel resentful, drained of energy, and you will experience only lack. Likewise, if you receive all of the time and never give, you won’t appreciate or enjoy anything that you have. So give freely whenever you feel guided to do so, and receive with gratitude and joy.

Practice this every day to ensure a balance of abundance in your life. Adding gratitude for all the blessings and abundance in your life will also increase the gifts and blessings that you receive.


When we are truly grateful for all that we receive, the Universe sees this and will manifest even more people and blessings in our lives for us to be thankful for. It’s the Law of Attraction in action!

Don’t worry about your future. Just know that all your needs and requirements will be met. This is very important, as feelings of worry and lack will only serve to block all of the goodness, keeping it from you.

So focus only on the people and things in your life that make you happy. Keep your thoughts on positive experiences, having plenty in your life, and feel the joy for all of the abundance that you already enjoy every day.

Sedna is intimately connected with all of the inhabitants of the Ocean, and you can call on her for help with any abundance issues you may have, including keeping your thoughts positive. Saying and repeating positive affirmations to yourself regularly throughout each day can  also help you to manifest what you wish for.  Positive affirmations are powerful, and really do work like magic!

I have personally used positive affirmations in my own life to manifest many positive things such as great opportunities at exactly the right time, a successful house ventilation system, simple and quick chimney repair following a chimney fire, and even the perfect parking space when I needed it (with extra help from my Angels of course!)

I firmly believe in the simple magic of positive affirmations, and you can too! Just give it a try, you’ve nothing to lose!

Your affirmations can be as simple as “I am abundant. I am successful. I am prosperous.” “All of my needs are met.”

They don’t have to be long, or complicated in any way. No matter what you say the Universe is listening, and will respond to your thoughts and actions by giving you what it is that you’re focusing on. So focus only on abundance, joy, and happiness, and this is what you will receive.


You can connect with Sedna and ask fro her help at any time. Try going for a swim in the sea, or take a walk along the beach to facilitate deeper communication between you both, and a greater sense of well-being also. She is always willing to help, and will assist you in the best possible ways that she can. All you have to do is ask, and of course remember to thank her also.

Love & Light to you,

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien
Angel Intuitive, Reiki Healer & Nurse, Digital Marketer

Sue & the Goddesses. x

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