Shield Yourself – Angel Card Reading 2 – 5 Feb. 2017

Shield Yourself - Angel Card Reading
Shield Yourself


Angel Card Reading – Shield Yourself

Many of us are finding now that we are becoming more sensitive to the energies around us in our everyday lives. This would be fine if all of that energy was positive energy. But we all know that this simply isn’t the case. We are all too often bombarded by negative energies, as people and situations around us become stressful, irritated, angry, or volatile. So learning to shield yourself from this negative energy is very important.

The truth is that there isn’t anything that we can really do about the negative energy around us. It’s something that’s almost impossible to avoid in our busy world. Couple this with the fact that many of us are realizing that we have psychic intuitive abilities, and it means that our sensitivity is set to increase.

But you can learn to protect your own energy using various different psychic protection methods that are very effective when used correctly.

Psychic Sensitivity

You see the more psychically sensitive you become, the more negative energy you will soak up from others, just like a sponge. This can leave you feeling irritated, unfocused, angry, and completely drained of energy. If you let this continue, you can become quite ill. Hence the need to learn to protect yourself.

The main protection method that I use all of the time is one that the Angels taught me, and it’s extremely effective. It’s called Bubbles of Light. These act like shields of light to completely protect your energy throughout each day, and even while you sleep.

You can with a little bit of practice learn to place a bubble of light all around yourself, completely covering you inside it, thereby effectively keeping you and your energy safe. Simply choose the color of bubble you wish to use, then imagine yourself totally enclosed in a beautiful transparent bubble of that exact color.

You can use up to three bubbles at any one time around you, layering them on. Each bubble is effective for up to twelve hours, unless you’re surrounded by a very negative atmosphere. In which case it’s always best to refresh your bubble more frequently. Your bubble of light will then work to deflect any negative energies completely, whilst still allowing loving energy to flow easily in and out.

Bubble Colors

Here are some of the colors that you can choose to use and their meanings;


General protection. Can also be used around modes of transport such as cars, planes, and trains for added protection whilst traveling.

I also regularly use white bubbles around my home, or in any situation where I require extra protection for myself or my loved ones.


For communication and clarity. Archangel Michael‘s aura color is a deep blue/purple.

This color blue gives you the strength of Archangel Michael’s protection as an added bonus, and I call on him regularly to protect myself and my family.

You can ask him to protect you from lower energies, and to live in your home with you and your family. Archangel Michael is always more than happy to help with any genuine request for his assistance, and will instantly be at your side in an emergency, or in any time of need, when you call on him.


This color is for healing and to protect your health, and is associated with Archangel Raphael, the Supreme Healing Angel. You can call on him for assistance with any healing that you may require, and he will always guide you in the right direction.


Love, romance, and lightheartedness. Pink is associated with Archangel Jophiel. You can call on her to help you to beautify your thoughts, and for any help you may need to make your home more beautiful also. Just like an interior designer she will whisper inspiration into your ear!


For spiritual protection. Acts as a shield, totally transmuting negative energy. Purple is the color associated with both Archangel Metatron and Saint Germain of the Violet Flame.


Gold always carries the energy of Jesus of Nazareth, and is associated with the Christ Light
energy. Very strong protection.


Silver carries the loving, warm, nurturing energy of Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Mirrored Bubble

Effectively deflects any and all negative energy, back to the sender.

For further information on various ways to protect your energy read my blog post, Angel Light To Protect Against Energy Vampires

Shield Yourself with Bubbles of Light!

Love & Light to you,

Susan Anderson O'Brien
Susan Anderson O’Brien
Angel Intuitive, Reiki Healer & Nurse, Digital Marketer

Sue & the Angels. x

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