The Elemental Realm- Nature’s Fairies

Elemental Fairies
The Elementals


The Elemental Realm – Nature’s Fairies

We’ve all heard the stories, especially as children when we would read books with our parents. Usually some of the best stories involved a beautiful princess, her dashing and handsome prince and of course the fairies and a few other Elementals, like gnomes or water sprites, also.


The story would never really be complete you see, without the magic that the Elementals brought into it. The truth is that the elemental realm is very real, and as children we were born with the ability to see them.

But as we grew up we were told that they weren’t real, and that it was silly to believe in them. So we lost the ability to see or feel their presence.

But for those of us who are still willing to believe, they can make their presence felt in numerous ways.

Fairy Girl
Fairy Girl

I have to admit that I loved those fairy-tales when I was little, and I enjoyed in turn sharing them with my daughters when they were small too. But even though I have always had an affinity with, and strong belief in my
Angels, for some reason until more recent years, I’m ashamed to say that I had almost completely forgotten about the Elementals.

But then a number of years back, a book by Doreen Virtue, “Healing with the Fairies”, came to my attention. I have to say that once I started to read it, I
couldn’t put it down. I read from cover to cover in a short space of time, completely engrossed in Doreen’s story of how she had developed her relationship with the Elementals.

I learned a lot from Doreen’s book and found a renewed respect for all of the elemental beings. I learned very quickly, that when you believe in them, they can make there presence known to you in some very interesting ways!

Fairies In The Garden

My mother, who has always been a keen gardener, had mentioned to me that she had been heading out early one morning while it was still quite dark. Just outside of her front door she has a beautiful yellow rose bush growing, which has been there for a long time now.

As she locked her front door that particular morning, she glanced down at the rose bush, and was amazed to see lots of tiny blue
lights flitting from one rose to the next. She gazed at them in amazement, thinking that maybe she needed to get her eyesight checked. So she looked again more closely, and the tiny little lights were still there!

She related this story to me over the phone a couple of days later, and we both came to the conclusion that the lights were the tiny little elemental fairies taking care of the rose bush!

God’s Nature Angels

Most people believe in Angels, but a significantly smaller amount of people believe in fairies and the other elementals, Fairy worldsuch as sylphs, water sprites, mermaids, elves, gnomes, leprechauns, salamanders, tree spirits, and the spirits who live in the crystals of the mineral kingdom, which is also part of the elemental realm.

These beings are part of the angelic realm, they are God’s Nature Angels. They are beings of pure love and light, but unlike the ego-less Angels, the Elementals do have egos. So although they are loving, fair and kind, they tend to favor people who treat the environment and animals kindly.

Only people who are open-minded, or who have a pure heart can sense or see them. They are shy and very sensitive beings who
hide from harsh environments and people.

The fairies, unlike the Angels, have a physical body. It’s a very light and etheric body, but they have much the same needs as we do. Consider then the harm that pesticides do to them. They are deeply affected by these chemicals and as a result they don’t trust us

They are also highly “clairsentient”, which means that they are emotionally and physically sensitive to the thoughts and emotions of others. So they tend to absorb all of the pain inflicted on animals, trees and plants.

Their mission and life purpose is to heal and protect the environment and the animals. Fairies tend to stay with people who have a life purpose involving environmentalism or animals. You can ask the fairies for guidance about how to help our planet to heal. You can earn their respect by showing kindness to animals and to Mother Nature.

One of the ways to do this is to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, which can be bought in any health store and also in some major supermarkets. You can make a donation to an environmental cause, or if you are going for a walk, bring a bag with you to pick up rubbish. There are many ways to begin gaining their trust again.

The Elementals live wherever there are plants or animals, even near houseplants or pets. They tend to favor the wilderness and don’t particularly like very manicured gardens. While Leprechauns tend to favor mushrooms patches for their homes.

They have in the past been accused of being mischievous or causing harm, but the truth is that they are here to improve and extend the lives of all beings, including us humans. They have been known to play tricks on those who mistreat nature or animals, which is where their reputation for mischief came from.

They also enjoy parties, dancing, music and playfulness. They may also play mild tricks on those that they love, like temporarily hiding things, as a way of being playful, but they would never harm anyone.

The Spirits Of The Four Elements

The spirits of the elements are divided into four different categories, earth, air , fire, and water.


Earth spirits are those who relate to rocks, stones, minerals, precious gems, hills, and mountains.

They are traditionally gnomes, and watch over and protect everything to do with the solid physical structure of the planet. They can be found in rocks but also have the freedom to move around. However they usually stay close to the mushroom houseground.

A few years ago now, I was visiting my mother and we were in the back garden with my sister. My sister, I should mention, is also very sensitive and like myself she sees images in her head.

Mum was showing us some of her plants and we were standing there talking when my sister said that she could see a small man standing there in the garden to the right of us all.

I tuned in and could see him immediately, wearing brown trousers, white shirt and a distinctive pointy hat in green. As we watched he began to dance and he informed us that he was a gnome.

He then asked us to help him. He requested us to bring him a gold chain and a quartz crystal to help with the upkeep of the garden. Mum remembered an old gold chain that she had and no longer wore, so she popped it out into the garden that very same day.

I went to the local Angel shop during that following week to search for a suitable clear quartz crystal. One in particular caught my eye and the moment that I held it in my hand I knew it was exactly the right one to give to the gnomes. It was an oval shaped tumbled clear quartz stone, and it actually looked like it had a small rainbow inside of it. It was perfect. So I purchased it and brought it with me the next time that I went to visit my Mum and we placed it in her garden.

None of us has seen that gnome since but then, we haven’t had any complaints either, so I’m pretty sure that he appreciated the gesture, and my Mum’s garden continues to bloom most beautifully!


The water spirits are connected to all liquids, but you can feel there presence most powerfully in lakes, rivers and streamsmermaid and in the ocean. Traditionally, they are known as Undines or Ondines and mermaids and mermen are included in this category.


The spirits of the air are to be found in all gaseous substances but are most often found in the wind and breezes. Air moves so quickly and so these beings can be hard to find. They are known as Sylphs, but children perceive them usually as fairies with tiny wings who can fly.


Fire spirits can be found close to volcanoes, but will also be wherever there is fire or a candle burning. They are known as
Salamanders or Vulcanii and are often the most difficult to connect with.


The Elemental beings are allowed to choose which element they wish to start their spiritual journey as. They then evolve Lady Gaiaby first learning to manipulate and understand their own element, before they can progress to embody the qualities of another element.

This development process continues until eventually they have become adept at all four elements. At this stage they are then called a “Deva.” This is a Sanskrit word which literally means “shining one”.

Once devahood has been attained, the elemental being takes on more responsibilities, looking after whole areas of land or sea. Lady Gaia is the Planetary Deva who takes care of our planet.

Do You Believe?

So whether like me you already believe in them, or you choose not to, is your own personal choice. But the Angels tell me that these beings are very real and have been fictionalized for far too long. They deserve to be recognized for all their hard work and contributions to our planet and to ourselves.

Have you ever wondered why you feel so good when you have been out in the fresh air?Beautiful Fairy

Because these amazing beings usually pick the negative energy out of your aura while you are
outside in nature. They do this from the kindness of their own hearts, helping you to feel better.

At the very least they ask if you would do them the kindness of letting them know in advance when you’re going to mow the lawn so they can get out of the way in time. They also ask us to stop using harmful pesticides in our gardens. These are simple requests and ones that are easy to keep.

They tend our plants and flowers and keep our gardens looking extra beautiful. They also clear our auric fields providing healing to us all as a result. They protect and watch over our house pets.

So the next time your sitting admiring your garden, offer a word of thanks to these incredible beings for all their hard work and help.

It would be greatly appreciated, and who knows maybe you’ll be honored by being allowed to see them some night, tiny lights flitting from one plant to the next, tending your garden!

Happy Gardening!
Sue. x



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